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#2 Acupuncture in Asheville as voted by Mountain Express Best of WNC 2017!


J.M., 6/15/17
Natasha is a very talented acupuncturist. She is compassionate, gentle, kind and listens to her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for acupuncture or cupping. Natasha operates her practice in an environment that makes her patients feel safe and comfortable. Natasha is also very good with children.

J.B., 5/04/17:
I spent my working career in the Washington DC area. My place of work was located in an area where Eastern medicine was practiced. All of the practitioners I used came from Asia. The results from those practitioners were excellent. So when I moved to the Asheville area I was a little apprehensive on finding someone of equal quality. I interviewed Mrs. Natasha Kubis over the phone at some length and after finding out she was trained in New York City and how extensive her training was I decided to give Mrs. Kubis a try. I consider myself lucky to find someone totally proficient in the various components of her profession. I highly recommend her to take care of your needs. She is also a wonderful person.

B.B., 5/4/17:
Natasha is the warmest and most inviting person I have met. She is an expert in the field of acupuncture. I sought acupuncture for infertility. I had an unsuccessful past with infertility meds/inseminations and threw in the towel on that part of my life. My hormones where out of whack by the time I perused acupuncture. Natasha helped my entire system normalize and, most importantly, she helped me to distress!!! Now, by the grace of God prompting me to stop infertility meds and seek acupuncture, I’m happy to say I’m 12 weeks pregnant. I am still seeing Natasha to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy. I have recommended her to all my friends and family! You’ve truly not had acupuncture until you’ve seen Natasha Kubis!!!

J.G.,4 /8/17:
I LOVE Natasha. She is an amazing body worker and Acupuncturist. The experience is stellar. She has great instincts and skills. Along with that she is the kindest and gentlest person. My sessions with her are having extreme positive ripple effects throughout my life. It is the thing I do to stay balance, calm and out of pain.

C.K., 3/03/16:
I’m working with Natasha for pain management with my knees. All I can say is Wow! We have had two acupuncture sessions so far and the results are beyond what I had anticipated. Thank you Natasha.

J.I., 3/03/2017:
Acupuncture with Natasha has been such a blessing! Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but she is also one of the kindest, most considerate people I’ve ever met. She listens compassionately, and the wisdom she shares is insightful. I can’t recommend her enough! After struggling for years with skin issues due to hormonal imbalances, I booked my first acupuncture appointment in Asheville — and I’m so thankful it was with Natasha! Sessions with her are relaxing, informative, and most of all, healing. She creates a peaceful atmosphere and loving-kindness imbues her work. I noticed improvements after the first session, and with each follow-up appointment, I feel better and better. With a heart full of gratitude, I can happily report that my skin has cleared up. And it’s thanks to Natasha. The lasting results and additional benefits are truly amazing. Integrating acupuncture into my wellness routine has been imperative, and it’s a privilege to be treated by such a gifted soul.

S.G., 3/02/17:
Natasha goes above and beyond for her patients. She made me feel welcome, comfortable and safe to tell my story. Her gentle compassion is truly healing. I love how she incorporates breath work while applying the acupuncture needles; I hardly felt a thing! She doesn’t just leave you after applying the needles, she works on reflexology points to help enhance the treatment. The best acupuncture experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend working with Natasha.

L.S., 02/13/17:
I came to Natasha to address a recurring pain in my hip. Her bedside manner is superior and treatment plan highly effective. During the session, my feet and back were also worked on and I felt so relaxed and rested for days following. I highly recommend Natasha!

S.M., 2/9/17:
Natasha is an attentive and gifted healer! I appreciate her presence and kind nature.My wife and I both see her and we are incredibly grateful we have had the opportunity to work with her. Highly recommend!

J.M., 1/25/17:
Natasha is amazing at what she does! She did a thorough evaluation during my first visit and really listened to my needs. She looked at the overall picture of my health along with my current health concerns. Her treatments are extremely gentle, and she doesn’t just use needles in her healing. She uses massage and foot reflexology points, too. This approach has been extremely effective for me and I couldn’t thank her enough!

L.S., 1/25/17:
Natasha is warm, welcoming, and so accommodating. She listens to your wants and needs and addresses them while checking in with you throughout the process. As someone who is very new to massage, I would recommend Natasha to friends, family, or a total stranger! She made me feel so comfortable during my entire visit and so refreshed when I walked out the door!

K.T., 1/24/17
Natasha is great! She really got to know what was going on internally and worked her magic to correct it. Her acupuncture has helped all the issues I had before going to her, as well as my overall health. I look forward to her sessions every time because they are so relaxing. She is great to communicate with and sent tons of resources to get us started. I am so happy I get to relax with Natasha!

B.B., 1/24/17:
Natasha is a gem. Her method is simple; Listen, evaluate, treat and follow up. She cares about your concerns, the treatment was a gentle and calming experience. She contacted me later to follow up with suggestions to continue the healing process. She has taken the time to learn her profession and skill. I’m very grateful for the treatment and knowledge received.

J.G., 12/16//16:
I have had several acupuncture sessions with Natasha, and they have been great! I don’t even see the needles and hardly feel them when they go in, she is definitely a good fit for those who are at all squeamish about being pricked. And I can tell you that I have felt fantastic after these sessions!!

T.K., 6/23/16:
For initially being apprehensive about acupuncture, Natasha quickly eased my worries and guided me to a very calming session. I had originally been dealing with frequent migraines but after a few sessions I noticed a substantial change for the positive! Natasha is a fantastic person and I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking acupuncture and the many benefits it offers!

Christine D., 2/16/2016:
Natasha is the best acupuncturist I have ever had, period! She treated me for over 7 years, through being stressed from working 100 hour weeks, injuries, to fertility, to pregnancy, and beyond. She has treated me through two kids, I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else. She even treated by toddler. She has this beautiful, calming, healing and caring presence. Her energy is glowing. She truly cares about your whole picture of well-being, mind, body and spirit. She has so much knowledge on women health and her profession, that when we started our wellness company, Embody Wellness Company, we knew we had to have her as our sole acupuncturist for our clients. You will be delighted to have her. We are missing her in NYC, but NC is beyond fortunate to have such a talented healing professional.

Madhu P., 2/15/2016:
Natasha’s gentle and kind nature is exactly what you want from a health and healing professional. Her presence and touch are soothing and she has gone the extra mile providing nutritional guidance to cure ailments and even bringing me herbal tea after I had my second child. She is also skilled at helping women go into labor and assisting one through post-partum recovery. I’ve recommended her to friends who were very pleased with their treatments and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for either bodywork or acupuncture. Do not hesitate to try her services!

Ben S., 2/12/2016:
I have been an ardent fan of Natasha since the first time she laid hands on me! She has treated my wife during pregnancy, helped me to recover from a multitude of injuries, and a number of friends would agree with me in saying she just might be the best acupuncture/bodywork specialist I’ve ever received treatment from. NYC’s loss is NC’s gain!

Alexis B., 2/8/2016:
I loved working with Natasha! She helped me with back/neck-related issues and also fertility/pregnancy (I got pregnant on month 2!). Not only is she a talented practitioner, she is a kind and genuine person whose wonderful energy makes her easy to be around and makes the treatments extra relaxing and calming. She was indispensable to me during a difficult pregnancy. I highly recommend her! She is a special person.

Amy W., 2/8/2016:
Natasha is an amazing acupuncturist. She has a gentle demeanor and is very calming and warm. I saw her for pain related to scoliosis and she was insightful and soothing. Her treatments left me feeling aligned and invigorated. I highly recommend her!

Libbie S., 3/4/2014:
I can’t believe how much Natasha helped me with my insomnia. I was sleeping anywhere from zero to 6 hours a night for weeks….But after just one treatment from her, I got ELEVEN hours of sleep! I couldn’t believe it! Natasha is an amazingly gentle and talented healer. Recommended to anyone.

Elizabeth L., 9/3/2013:
Let me start out by saying that I have a long history with acupuncturists — and other “alternative medicine” healers (eg, herbalists, reiki practitioners, EFT counselors, Ayurvedic medicine doctors, biofeedback work,”mindfulness-bases stress reduction” meditation (MBSR), etc). Most helped SOME of my “issues” (extreme anxiety, evil self-talk, terrible muscular pain, rage, infertility, hair loss, digestive problems, and more). But NONE offered the swift, pleasurable, and immediately obvious benefits that working with Natasha has. First she checks your pulse and your tongue to see where energy is blocked. She asks various questions about lifestyle and thought patterns to connect the dots between your troubles. She gives you as much or as little feedback as you wish, without a pinch of judgement. Then the needles go in. Her touch is immaculately gentle. After a few seconds, you sink. It’s a type of sinking that feels like a lifting out of oneself. It feels like a trance. Nothing can bother you in this place. It’s a place between sleep and complete relaxation. Coming out of this place is almost painful– but only for a moment. Because once you stand — once you go outside, into the madness that is NYC, you notice that things that bothered you no longer do. No matter what chaos is happening, it’s out there — not inside you. It all seems vaguely…interesting. And you remember this feeling. You learn, after 8 or so sessions with Natasha, how to summon this state (or something like it) yourself. (I’d suggest at least once a week until you feel better; for more rapid healing, two per week). Proof of her abilities? For one, after being told five years ago that I had “premature ovarian crisis” and would never have kids, my husband and I created an embryo. Other less tangible benefits: less rage; fewer sugar and alcohol cravings; less anxiety before public speaking, and fewer battles with hostile self-talk. And that’s just off the top of my head. Go to Natasha. It’s worth far more than the cost

Jennifer W., 4/22/2013:
In 2005, I was involved in a serious car accident that left me with a permanent spinal injury and chronic pain from my neck to my feet. In the five years that followed, I underwent more than 20 procedures and even a spinal surgery in order to help manage my pain. Nothing helped. In 2010, I decided to take my health into my own hands and began a series of holistic procedures–from Pilates to bodywork–which is when I was introduced to Natasha. Having never had acupuncture in the past, I really did not know what to expect, and was skeptical when friends told me how much it had helped them. From my very first session, I finally understood how right they were. The difference in my level of pain was truly immediate. The acupuncture process is a very private one; in order for the acupuncturist to best help his/her patient, you will answer a lot of questions about various health issues and habits (which you may or may not believe guides the practitioner in the best way to help you). Natasha’s warm and caring disposition made it easy to share these often personal details. She’s also extremely knowledgeable (always a good thing) and can share all sort of info and tips on how to live a better life–from eating healthy to reducing stress. And she makes herself available via email, cell, whatever to answer any questions you may have. I truly cannot say enough great things about Natasha and how much she has truly improved my life. She’s also a lot of fun to hang out with for an hour (which is particularly important when you’re receiving treatment on a weekly basis). And she gets some serious extra points for making home visits–which, in my case, included a truly treacherous walk-up and lots of interested pets as onlookers. If you’ve ever considered getting acupuncture but just aren’t sure if it’s for you–or are on the lookout for a new practitioner–you cannot do better than Natasha!

Lauren B., 3/5/2013:
Natasha is a gifted healer. Three muscle groups in my neck spasmed during Hurricane Sandy and I was desperate to find help that I could walk to. Natasha was in walking distance and available during that hectic time for the city. We started working together and i immediately felt some relief. Over the course of a couple months we met regularly. I am so thankful to be able to move without pain because of her kind and loving technique. Having her as an ally through my recovery process was essential. Now i continue to see Natasha at her new location (which is great) because i am a true believer in the benefits of acupuncture and in the great talent of Natasha. It’s also nice that her new office is just next door to the health foods market Perelandra so you can stop in for an after-session snack.

Regina B., 3/4/13:
At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about acupuncture and sticking needles in me to solve my issues. But I do know that I was sick on relying on western pharmies to “solve” my issues just wasn’t working completely. After my first session with Natasha, I was sold! She has such a warm, compassionate, smart way about her — without being overly “doctor-y”. I had been dealing with stress, anxiety and insomnia, among other issues and Natasha was able to treat me and was beyond amazing in helping me find my way to a healthy mind and body – her treatments and constant advisement was priceless! I am now well on my road to recovery with her help. Instead of just masking my symptoms, I feel like acupuncture really gets to the root cause. Natasha is there to partner with you and talk about your ailments and help you to grow as more is unveiled about the root of your health issues. I continue to go in for acupuncture treatments as often as i can with Natasha. She is professional and her treatment room is so relaxing and inviting – it truly makes me feel like I am getting pampered somehow. Super healing for the soul! I love needles being stuck in me now, ha! 🙂 Natasha takes a personal approach that brings back memories of doctors making house calls, knowing your name and caring about your well being even after you leave the office. Love Natasha’s energy and her treatments and couldn’t recommend her services more! She is a true expert in her field and makes her clients feel welcomed and comfortable at all times. Go see her now! You will most definitely thank me later.

J.P.T., 9/23/12:
I can’t say enough about Natasha. She first treated me for two herniated discs in my neck and she was not only the only source of pain relief I found (and I did everything from chiro to injections to physical therapy), but she has given me back my range of motion as well. I have continued to see her for two years for various injuries and issues and always leave feeling great and ultimately healing. She is far more thorough than any other acupuncturist I have ever seen, treating the whole body and not just putting in a couple of needles and always goes the extra mile in terms of dietary suggestions and homeopathic herbal remedies. I don’t know what I would have done had I not found her. She is professional, personable, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. I don’t write yelp reviews generally, but had to in this case.

Mandi N., 8/1/12:
I have been seeing Natasha for around 2 years and feel that her approach to acupuncture is incredibly personalized and effective. In the beginning I was amazed at the immediate relief I would experience and now that I am feeling better overall, my weekly treatments are excellent maintenance within my health and fitness regime. I appreciate Natasha’s arsenal of knowledge as well as her grace and patience that contribute to her excellent bedside manner.

Jessica T., 5/29/12:
I have been seeing Natasha for about 6 months now and every time I know that we have a session coming up I practically get giddy. I am a massage practitioner, pilates instructor and personal trainer and when it comes to receiving bodywork I can be a bit of a snob. 🙂 Natasha is incredible. She has all of the knowledge, intuition, patience, support and care that you should look for in an acupuncturist. She has a very gentle and comforting touch which is so important, especially for those who don’t quite understand acupuncture and how it will feel…which brings me to my next point – everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can benefit from acupuncture!!! Natasha has helped me with my allergies, sleep, anxiety issues, structural imbalances, circulation, digestion, menstrual cramps, and my favorite – when I literally go in and request, “Can you just clear my head? That would be great.” And she does. She literally is every kind of therapy you could ask for and more. For those new to acupuncture – the needles don’t hurt and you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. To those with experience – go to Natasha instead!

Mary Ann F., 8/9/2011:
Natasha is a knowledgeable and competent acupuncturist with a holistic approach to healing and health. I had never used acupuncture before and was skeptical about non-western approaches. In desperation, and with some prodding by friends, I decided to give it a try. I am now a convert and owe this to Natasha’s warmth, interest and overall professionalism. She is a true gem.

Michael K., 2/20/11:
I came to Natasha based on recommendations from personal trainers and pilates instructors. I had also read an article in the NY Times about NFL players who swear by acupuncture (you can read that article here:…). I found Natasha to be both empathic and professional. She listens completely to the issues you want to address. When she gives you treatment, she explains the eastern medicinal techniques she is employing, and will link them to western science. The other reviews here are correct: Natasha sincerely cares and seems to truly enjoy helping people. In fact, she said to me recently that she wished people in general would stop considering acupuncture to be a “last resort” and come to her sooner because she knows in most cases that she can help. I think she’s right. I can’t thank her enough for the help she’s providing me.

Adina G., 12/7/10:
I found her randomly on Google and was terrified before going. I have a ton of chronic issues including anxiety and stress, and i felt better after ONE treatment. might sound too good to be true, but it’s totally true. natasha is warm, attentive, caring, and patient. she’ll listen to you freak out and then she’ll make it better. i thought her prices were incredibly reasonable for how much she did for me, which i think is rare, especially for acupuncture.

Dana E., 10/5/2010:
I have a severe injury in my neck and have found no relief for over one year. I found Natasha Kubis at Essential Acupuncture and I can’t say enough about how much she has done for me. I had never done acupuncture before but am now a firm believer in it’s ability to heal and in Ms. Kubis’ ability to take the time and have the compassion and knowledge to listen to your ailments and heal them. She is a master healer and I simply can’t say enough about getting an opportunity to be treated by her. I can’t imagine ever finding anyone better able or more willing to help. She is amazing: she is patient, knowledgeable and compassionate. She won’t give up until you are healed. I am so grateful.

Patricio M., 9/9/2010:
I had been carrying old sports injuries and needed to balance my energy. Yoga was helping me quite a bit, but I was looking for a more individual wholistic approach. When I first met Natasha, I was impressed with her training and deep knowledge of eastern medicine. During the acu sessions, it was noticeable, as opposed to any previous experience with health care professionals that she genuinely cared for your well being, which made all the difference with me. The discomfort from my old injuries disappeared and energy levels were restored in a couple of sessions. I left NYC a while ago and thought it was going to be easy to find a replacement. Unfortunately I have yet to find anyone like her.

Shane D., 8/25/2010:
Natasha makes needles friendly! I was scared to take the plunge and now look forward to every visit, and my sinuses thank me. She is informative, kind, calm and I highly recommend her.

Matt P., 8/5/2010:
In addition to being very professional, Natasha is warm and personable. She genuinely cares for my health and well-being. It is quite a departure from my previous acupuncture experience: A noisy factory where you were hustled in, pricked about, and hurried out. Natasha takes an active role in your health and partners with you for optimal therapeutic outcomes. Also, she benchmarks progress on each visit; who else does thatjQuery11240546577173042111_1505169392225 I live in Manhattan and make the short trip to Brooklyn because Natasha, without question, is in a league of her own.

Chelsea K., 10/13/2009:
Essential Acupuncture is a breath of fresh air. Natasha creates a calming atmosphere while providing a wealth of knowledge and effective acupuncture. I was treated for insomnia and have slept well since my first visit a couple of days ago. I highly recommend Essential Acupuncture to anyone who believes that their health and well-being should be a priority.